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Ground Zero Chronicles: Unveiling the 9/11 Clean Up Crew Heros

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

9/11 photo from CNN 2001
Photo From CNN

Welcome to Ground Zero Chronicles, a personal account of my experiences as a 9/11 clean up crew volunteer in the aftermath of the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. Join me as I take you on a journey through the heart-wrenching moments, the resilience, and the determination that defined our collective response in the face of unimaginable adversity.

On September 11, 2001, I was working on an island for communication purposes, in tears, when the tv showed the World Trade Center collapsed. I was part of a crew of eight men who were tasked with installing fiber optic cables for Verizon Communications. At that moment, while we were working, a member of the crew rushed into the office, saying, "Holy shit, come here and see! The tower is on fire and in flames, crashing into the ground." We were all in shock, realizing the gravity of the situation. We couldn't believe what we were witnessing. Another plane crashed into the center, and we saw the streets being rained down with debris. We were now extremely concerned, as it went beyond anything we had ever imagined. Fear and uncertainty filled the air as we tried to comprehend what was happening.

9/11 photo from Daily Mail of 9/11 Clean up Crew
Photo From Daily Mail
Photo From Daily Mail

We immediately started making calls to our families, ensuring they were safe and asking them to turn on the news. It was only minutes that passed, and suddenly another report came in. A plane had crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. It felt like we were in a movie set, as everyone around us was in a state of disbelief and chaos. We couldn't focus on work; we were completely absorbed in the situation. The supervisor, Collins, tried to gather information and understand what was happening. We soon learned that a possible plane crash was not an accident but a deliberate act. The government had been put on high alert, and we were unsure of what to do next. About 20 of us were gathered, watching in awe as the events unfolded. We witnessed countless firemen, police, and EMS teams rushing towards the towers that were now surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke.

What we witnessed on the TV was a heartbreaking scene. It was a sight that would forever haunt us. At that point, news coverage intensified, and reporters struggled to convey the magnitude of the situation. Mayhem and chaos seemed to encompass everything. The once towering structures now crumbled, releasing a torrent of debris and destruction. The air was thick with smoke, and the sounds of sirens filled the city. It was a horrifying sight, as lives were lost and the cityscape transformed into a scene of devastation. We stood there in the office, helpless, watching the smoke and dust engulf everything in its path. In mere minutes, the vibrant and bustling metropolis turned into a somber and desolate landscape.

I was contemplating the meaning of my existence, feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding me. Thoughts of self-reflection and self-doubt consumed my mind. It was as if I was stuck in a maze, unsure of which path to take in life. The weight of decisions weighed heavily on me, as if I were being held captive by my own thoughts. I longed for clarity and guidance, hoping to find solace in the choices I made. In the midst of my contemplation, I thought about my responsibilities as a parent. I had to pick up my child from preschool and be there for them. They relied on me for love and support. Chris, a friend, reassured me that we all go through moments of uncertainty and that setbacks are a part of life. We supported each other, knowing that better days would come. After regaining some composure, I gathered my belongings from the office and left. I embarked on a journey to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. The events happening around me reminded me that life is unpredictable and that we must adapt and persevere. There was no room for fear or hesitation; it was time to face the unknown with determination and resilience.

This time, we were working in a desperate situation. There was a sudden urgency for us to keep food on our tables and make ends meet. Our job security seemed uncertain, and we were told to head home. Just as we were leaving, the supervisor approached us with news that there was work to be done. A call had come in from Verizon, and they needed skilled technicians to assist in the aftermath of the devastating plane crashes. The communication lines were down, and they required our expertise to restore connectivity in the affected area. It was a critical task as the main hub of the world trade center had been destroyed, causing widespread disruption. We were informed that this was a subcontracting opportunity, and our team would be responsible for handling the situation.

The details provided for the work are as follows: The rate of pay is $52 per hour, and it is a daily commitment until the systems are fully restored in Lower Manhattan. The company will provide meals since all businesses in the area have been closed down by the federal government. They specify that this is a volunteer job only, and the duration of the work is approximately a week or more per year. Anyone interested in the opportunity is instructed to step into the office for further details. Despite the uncertainty and the challenging circumstances, I knew that I needed to step up and contribute. At $52 an hour, it was an opportunity that required no second thoughts. My buddy, Chris, and some other members of our crew also decided to take on the task, not fully knowing the magnitude of the mess we were about to face and the potential challenges in the future. We signed a bunch of papers and contracts, essentially committing ourselves to report to the temporary stadium in Queens at 8 AM and be deployed to the disaster zone in Manhattan.

After returning home, I embraced my wife and children, knowing that we were about to face uncertain times. Everyone gathered around the television, anxiously watching the unfolding events on the news channels. I explained to my wife about the request I had received to help out with the disaster relief efforts along with other members of our crew. She understood the gravity of the situation and supported my decision to volunteer.

In the early morning, around 3 AM, I left for the designated meetup location at Westbury, Long Island. There, eight crew members, including myself, car-pooled to the Shea Stadium. Thousands of people, from various backgrounds, had come together to lend their support in this time of crisis. We were given badges and credentials, signifying our role in the Verizon communication team.

Buses were arranged to transport us to the disaster site. Our supervisor briefed us on the situation, emphasizing the importance of our work. He instructed us to remain focused and to follow his lead. The main arena of our operations would be the Verizon communications center, where we would be stationed to provide essential services.

As the buses descended upon the disaster site, a mixture of anticipation and determination filled the air. We were ready to contribute our skills and expertise to help restore the communication infrastructure in the affected area.

The assignments were given swiftly to various teams and crews. It was an intense atmosphere as we boarded the buses, still able to see the thick cloud of smoke billowing in the air. The smell was nauseating, and we covered our noses with bandanas to mitigate its effects. There was a sense of chaos, yet everyone was determined to help and get started with their respective tasks.

As the bus departed, uncertainty loomed over us. We were unaware of what awaited us, but the collective feeling was one of determination. The silence inside the bus amplified our thoughts, and adrenaline coursed through our veins. We were all on the same journey, driven by the desire to lend a hand and provide assistance. Little did I know the magnitude of what I was about to face.

Photo from GG Miraglia 9/11 Memorial Hat sent to him from 9/11 Foundation

In the first installment of Ground Zero Chronicles, I have shared a glimpse into my journey as a volunteer amidst the aftermath of September 11. Together, we have traversed the depths of despair, the power of unity, and the resilience that emerges from the darkest of times. Stay tuned for the next chapter, where I will recount the extraordinary encounters and the unwavering spirit that emerged from the rubble. Let us honor the heroes who rose from the ashes and remember that even in the face of tragedy, the human spirit prevails.

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Ariana Miraglia
Ariana Miraglia
Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

An emotional beginning to a true story.


Jul 30, 2023

What a good blog. I just got chills going through my body, thinking of what you went through and your family. You truly are a hero 💖God Bless you Cuz 🙏

Greg Miraglia
Greg Miraglia
Jul 30, 2023
Replying to

👍new years Eve always !!!


Cayla Miraglia
Cayla Miraglia
Jul 15, 2023

Great blog!

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