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Ground Zero Chronicles: The Unchanging Cycle

9/11 never forgot 2001 2023

This week, I'd like to delve into the perpetual conflict that envelops our world. Working at Ground Zero amidst the intentional damage caused by a radical group of terrorists during the 9/11 attack left me astounded. It was difficult to fathom why anyone would harbor such hate and anger towards innocent people, especially during daylight hours when the innocent were present and vulnerable. I questioned if the same outcome, reflecting their statement, would be carried out if it happened in the early hours, sparing thousands of innocent lives from their hatred. Their planning had to factor in this knowledge, making their idealism incomprehensible to me.

This train of thought leads me to the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. The same disregard for innocent lives, the destruction, and numerous acts of terror in the name of a cause fail to garner sympathy for their justifications. Despite the intricate history spanning 2000 years with a trail of conflicts and allocations, witnessing the devastation and anticipating the enduring aftermath is disheartening. I raise this topic because, after 22 years, it appears that no lessons have been learned from past acts of hatred.

Our country has been embroiled in the war on terrorism since 9/11, and yet we find ourselves negotiating to stop these acts. We contribute to the funding of some, if not all, of the enemies involved in this radical behavior. Whether intentional or not, individuals like me remain unaware of the truth, much like how we were deceived and discarded as unimportant during our time at Ground Zero. It's as if we were forgotten, like an old shirt hanging in a closet, unworn and disregarded.

While this edition of the blog isn't entirely focused on my harrowing experiences at Ground Zero, I felt compelled to voice my distressing thoughts. Despite the passage of years, nothing seems to have changed when it comes to the manifestation of hatred on any level.

In the upcoming weeks of this blog, I assure you, the focus will shift to my time at Ground Zero. I vividly recall an encounter during one night's Long Island Rail Road journey. A man in his 30s struck up a conversation with Chris and me, sensing our association with the site. He mentioned having information suggesting that the US government knew about the attack weeks before it occurred. At that point in my life, I cared little for such thoughts and dismissed him. Chris, however, engaged in a conversation of interest with him, revealing the man's military background and connections. Chris eventually decided it was best to move away, unsettled by the encounter. It left us questioning whether we could fully trust the situation and our own safety. Such experiences always linger in your mind, even after all these years.

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